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9 Deer Resistant Landscape Design Ideas

Dealing with deer invading your garden can be frustrating, but with the right landscape design strategies, you can keep your plants safe and beautiful. Here are nine deer-resistant landscape design ideas to help you create a garden that thrives without becoming a buffet for wandering wildlife.

Keep Your Garden Close to Home

Planting your garden near your home serves a dual purpose. Not only does it make monitoring your plants easier, but the noise and movement around your home can also deter deer from venturing too close.

Build a Tall Fence

Constructing a fence around your yard or garden is one of the most effective ways to keep deer out. Opt for an eight-foot-high fence to prevent them from jumping over. If this isn’t feasible, consider using an electric fence or rows of fishing line as alternative barriers.

Design Levels in Your Landscape

Deer are less likely to navigate multiple levels in your landscape, so incorporating terraces, slopes, and stairs can deter them from entering your garden. They’ll often opt for easier food sources instead.

Use Plant Cages

Protect young seedlings and newly planted shrubs with simple plant cages or wire baskets. This physical barrier prevents deer from accessing and devouring tender plants.

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BuzzTrail’s unique web-stories are the cure for boredom you’ve been waiting for.

Install Trunk Protectors

Wrap tree trunks with protectors, burlap, or foil to prevent deer from stripping the bark, which can cause serious damage to trees. Chicken wire can also serve as an effective barrier around vulnerable trunks.

Adopt a Watchdog

A dog can be a natural deterrent to deer, as they avoid areas where they sense predators. Allowing your dog to roam the yard, especially during peak deer activity times, can help keep deer at bay.

Scare Deer with Visual Deterrents

Placing items like pinwheels, mirrors, ribbons, and flags around your garden can startle deer with their movement and reflective surfaces, discouraging them from entering.

Disperse Deer with Sounds

Create noise-making gadgets from cans, bottles, or old silverware and hang them around your garden. Alternatively, wind chimes can create sounds that deter deer from entering your garden space.

Use Deer Repellent

Apply deer repellent in spray, liquid, or granular form to your garden. These repellents emit odors that deer find unpleasant, deterring them from munching on your plants.

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