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9 Best Fruit Trees You Can Grow by Province

When it comes to growing fruit trees, selecting the right ones for your province can make all the difference. Each region has its own unique climate and soil conditions, which can significantly affect the success of your fruit trees. Let’s explore the best fruit trees for each Canadian province to ensure you get a bountiful harvest.

British Columbia

British Columbia’s diverse climate zones make it a prime location for various fruit trees. However, understanding your specific hardiness zone is crucial. For the colder regions, cold-hardy fruits like pears and Honeycrisp apples are excellent choices. These trees can withstand the chill and still produce delicious fruits.

In more temperate areas like the Okanagan Valley, you have more versatility. This region is known for its fruit production, offering a perfect environment for a variety of fruit trees. Apart from pears and apples, you can also grow peaches, nectarines, and apricots, making it a fruit lover’s paradise.


Alberta’s harsh winters and variable weather can be challenging for fruit trees. However, choosing native or specially developed varieties can help ensure success. The Evans cherry, a hardy sour cherry, is a perfect example. It’s well-suited to Alberta’s climate and is fantastic for pie fillings and preserves.

Plums, particularly the Mount Royal variety, are another hardy option. These plums can thrive in Alberta’s climate and provide a sweet, juicy harvest. By selecting these resilient varieties, you can enjoy home-grown fruits even in Alberta’s demanding conditions.


Saskatchewan’s climate can be tough, but it offers unique opportunities for growing native fruits like Saskatoon berries. These berries are well-adapted to the local conditions and provide a reliable and delicious harvest.

Dwarf sour cherries and Valentine sour cherries are also excellent choices for Saskatchewan. These hardy trees can withstand the province’s cold winters and still produce abundant fruit. Embracing these native and hardy varieties ensures a fruitful garden in Saskatchewan.


In Manitoba, crab apples are an underrated yet excellent option for fruit trees. They are incredibly hardy and versatile, perfect for baking or even as pollinators for other apple trees in your yard. Their resilience makes them a reliable choice for Manitoba’s climate.

Nanking and Valentine sour cherries are also great alternatives. These trees can handle the cold and still offer delicious, tart fruits ideal for preserves and desserts. With these varieties, you can have a thriving fruit garden in Manitoba.


Ontario’s climate varies significantly from north to south, which influences the best fruit tree choices. In Northern Ontario, Honeycrisp apples are a top pick. They thrive in cooler temperatures and produce crisp, sweet apples that are perfect for fresh eating or cooking.

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For Southern Ontario, Damson and French plums are well-suited to the warmer summers and cold winters. These plums are not only delicious but also versatile, ideal for fresh eating, jams, or baking. Choosing the right varieties for each part of Ontario ensures a successful fruit harvest.


Québec’s diverse climate zones require careful selection of fruit trees. Bing cherries are a fantastic choice for many areas, offering a sweet and plentiful harvest. These cherries are also resistant to many common pests, making them a great option for home gardeners.

Chicago and Brown figs are also excellent choices, especially for the warmer regions of Québec. These figs can handle the varied climate and produce abundant, sweet fruits. By selecting these tailored varieties, you can enjoy fresh, home-grown fruits throughout Québec.

New Brunswick

New Brunswick’s cold winters and maritime climate call for resilient fruit trees. Haskap berries are an ideal choice, offering a unique flavor profile and excellent cold resistance. These berries are perfect for fresh eating or making into jams and jellies.

Bartlett and Anjou pears are also recommended for New Brunswick. These pear varieties can handle the climate and provide a bountiful harvest of juicy, sweet fruits. With these options, you can enjoy a diverse and delicious fruit garden in New Brunswick.

Prince Edward Island

For those with limited space on Prince Edward Island, self-fertile fruit tree cultivars are a great solution. Sour cherries, for example, can self-pollinate, meaning you only need one tree to get a good harvest. This makes them perfect for small gardens or yards.

Damson plums are another excellent choice for PEI. These plums are not only self-fertile but also produce a reliable and tasty harvest. By choosing self-fertile varieties, you can maximize your space and enjoy fresh fruits even in a smaller garden.

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia’s climate is well-suited to growing a variety of fruit trees, with apples being a standout choice. Varieties like Honeycrisp and Red Delicious thrive here, providing crisp, sweet fruits that are perfect for fresh eating or cooking.

Blueberries are another excellent option for Nova Scotia. These bushes are not only easy to grow but also produce a plentiful harvest of delicious berries. By incorporating these fruit trees into your garden, you can enjoy a bountiful and varied fruit harvest in Nova Scotia.

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