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8 Home Decor Trends to Skip, According to Designers

As the world of interior design continues to evolve, certain trends that were once popular have now fallen out of favor among designers. From sliding barn doors to faux marble, here are eight home decor trends that experts recommend skipping to keep your space looking fresh and timeless.

Sliding Barn Doors

Once a staple of farmhouse design, sliding barn doors have become overused and are now considered outdated by designers. While they were once a charming addition, they no longer offer the same level of aesthetic appeal and have lost their novelty.

Animal Prints

Despite periodic resurgences in popularity, animal prints are currently frowned upon in interior design. Large-scale prints can appear tacky and clash with other patterns and colors in the room, disrupting the overall aesthetic harmony.

Faux Marble

While faux marble was once a cost-effective alternative to real marble, it now pales in comparison to the genuine material. Designers advocate for the use of authentic marble, as it exudes warmth and elegance that cannot be replicated by faux alternatives.

All-White Everything

The pristine look of an all-white interior was once highly coveted, but designers now caution against it. White walls and furniture may look sleek initially, but they are impractical and difficult to maintain, often showing dirt and stains easily.

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BuzzTrail’s unique web-stories are the cure for boredom you’ve been waiting for.

Patterned Tile

Patterned tile has been a popular choice for adding visual interest to walls and floors. However, this trend is losing its appeal as it can quickly become overwhelming and clash with other design elements in the room.

Open Shelves

While open shelves have been championed for their Instagram-worthy appeal, they are not always the most practical choice for kitchen storage. Designers recommend opting for closed cabinets and shelves to maintain a clutter-free and cohesive look.

Matching Furniture

Contrary to the belief that matching furniture creates a cohesive aesthetic, it can actually make a space feel uninspired and generic. Mixing different styles, colors, and textures adds depth and personality to a room, creating a more inviting atmosphere.

Accent Walls

Once a popular way to introduce color and interest into a space, accent walls are now falling out of favor. Designers advocate for a more cohesive approach to wall color, recommending painting all walls in a room the same shade for a more harmonious look.

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